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Tea Towel Uses

Tea towels are excellent for drying your kitchen dishes, glassware and cutlery. Some alternative tea towel uses which you may or may not have considered are :

  • Wrap a gift in a tea towel and tie with ribbons to give a double present.
  • Place on tea trays to absorb spillage and prevent cups and saucers sliding about.
  • Cover kitchen machines such as mixers and food processors to help protect from dust.
  • Use as a hand drying kitchen towel.
  • Drape over naturally drying drainer dishes to protect from insects.
  • Use as a picnic food cover.
  • Drape over your breadboard and butter dish to protect from insects.
  • Use as table napkins.
  • Food cover for plates of sandwiches and cake.
  • Place on an occasional table top for decoration and protection.
  • Use as individual tablecloths.
  • Drape over freshly prepared bread, rolls and toast to help keep them warm.
  • Place over rising bread.
  • Bread basket lining.
  • Shelf lining inside cabinets.
  • Sew into throw pillows and cushions.
  • Sew into a rice/cereal filled microwave heat pack.
  • Make a linen tote bag.
  • Make a dust cover for a special book.
  • Sew 2 or 3 cut and altered tea towels together, add cotton twill tape, and create a nice unique apron.
  • Sew into a tube shaped holder for plastic shopping bags.
  • Pin as decoration to the rear of wooden doors.
  • Cover a cork noticeboard.
  • Sew together to make designer cafe-style kitchen curtains.
  • Picture frame for wall art.

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